Monday, November 2, 2009

New blog, oh heavens no!

Hello big beautiful world, this is the big bad Missy Macabre, prepare to be rocked.


Pronunciation: \mə-ˈkäb; -ˈkä-brə, -bər; -ˈkäbrə\
Function: adjective
Etymology: French, from (danse) macabre dance of death, from Middle French (danse de) Macabré. Type of art and literary works.

Date: 1889

1 : having death as a subject : comprising or including a personalized representation of death

2 : dwelling on the gruesome

3 : tending to produce horror in a beholder

A little about myself, so that you can fully understand my situation and the overwhelming need tell my story, which is a fairly common one, except for one thing: I'm 'alternative'. Now I know what you're thinking, there are tons of different types of alternative, and there are! That's what I love about people... no two are the same, its great! I love diversity! Staying on subject, or at least trying... what I mean by alternative, is that I have unnatural hair color, that's constantly changing, I have piercings and tattoos (and I'm trying to become a tattoo artist), and I dress in a lot of black, but I love color! I'm not "goth" (I was in high school I'll admit to that, and I rocked that shit!), I just think I look damn good in black.

On to my current life status and situation! I just moved from Washington state, all the way to (the very cold) Connecticut! Why? Because I also just got married to the man of my dreams, who happens to be a U.S. Navy sailor. Hes in sub school, and doing quite well. As for me, well... at the moment I'm a house wife!? Little Missy with her crazy rocker appearance and crazy attitude, is stuck in Navy housing, with all the other house wives, who I must say... are very much like what I expected: either a slut, who does the dirty with many men when their husband is on base or deployed, or very normal, very plain, the common suburban house wife, needless to say, nice people, just not the type Id like to spend more then five minutes talking to.

I've had the pleasure of meeting a fellow Navy wife who was very much like me. Shes a life saver! Lets call her Anne! (Gotta love a little redheaded orphan who sings and dances!) Shes got a little stud of a son, who's completely adorable, and husband who is good friends with my husband. So we mostly socialize with them.

Other then them, I don't talk to many people. I spend my days doing what other house wives do: clean, dance around the house naked, spending copious amounts of time online. And also what other wives probably don't: designing tattoos, doing my (slightly crazy and mostly outrageous) makeup to a professionally flawless standard, and revamping my old warn clothes, such as band t-shirts, into new and chic, rocker outfits that make a statement to say the least!

Now, my amazing husband, Ian, is not so alternative, hes just a nerd. An ingenious nerd at that though! We were high school sweethearts, we've been together for years. He was that guy in high school that everyone loved, all cliques and grades, even most of the teaches (even if he was a terrible slacker). Now he spends his time in uniform (sexy), or at home with the two loves of his life, me, and his laptop. (Picture me rolling my eyes now.) When it comes to electronics, he can school most people. Hes abnormally gifted, and so modest about it too! (Add another eye roll.) I love the boy like crazy though, and life is good.

So there's a bit about me! On to the next topic! "What are you like... blogging about crazy lady?" Good question! Mostly about my crazy creations, that I will be posting pictures of, and even instructions on how to make your own, my art (if you'd like me to sketch you up something, just ask! Maybe give me a good idea on what you want, and I'll keep at it until you like what Ive done, I aim to please.), and the weirdness that comes along with being "not quite normal" when you're married to government property.

Go on now, contact me! I'm giving you an open invitation, just by getting to this last part, good for you! And don't forget to do something crazy today.